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LSB-190 web side of the paper bag machine video broadcast

Datetime: 21/11/2017 11:11:00   Visite: 1165

Ryan Lilin Machinery LSB-190 Paper Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine is the primary color or printed web through the coated plastic, folded into a tube, cut off the paper tube, the bottom of the fold, the bottom of the plastic, the bottom molding, the finished product Bag output once completed. The paper bag machine controlled by the servo control system, touch screen man-machine interface real-time display, can produce a variety of paper bags. The paper bag machine has the advantages of fast speed, fast changing bag size and large adjustment range, and is an ideal first choice equipment for producing food bags and hand-held shopping bags.

The paper bag machine video:

YouTube video: https://youtu.be/7ACuqXG-e64

The bag making machine speed depends on the quality of the material and the adhesive, the size of the bag, the operator's working knowledge and working method.

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